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EARTH (Sustainable Foodproduction)

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In the future, more and more people will join us at the dining table. The challenge will be to put enough food on the table and be able to keep doing so for generations to come.

Topan is currently screening projects for sustainable food production. Aquafarming, Solar-powered greenhouses and feeding on saline agriculture have caught our attention.

With a predicted world population of 9 billion by 2050, food production will need to raise output up by 70 percent without increasing agriculture’s already substantial impact on the environment and without the conversion of additional land for crops. Three major areas affect the sustainability of our food systems – consumption profiles, production, and distribution methods.

Agriculture has strong ties to nutrition and health, water, land, and energy, which are, like agriculture 
itself, under increasing pressure.

We believe that investing in more sustainable food production is in accordance with our principle of developing economic, ecological and ethical values. We are looking for projects and companies that have understood the zeitgeist of modern agriculture and respond to modern consumer preferences; initiatives that work towards combining technological innovation and resource-effectiveness to boost yields, the re-integration of traditional and organic farming methods into industrial agriculture, the promotion of decentralized farming systems, the conservation of genetic crop diversity, a respectful attitude towards farm animals, the reduction of waste, and the symbiosis of agriculture with other sectors.

If you wish further information on this business sector focus of Topan or are looking for sustainable Foodproduction linked investments or wish to introduce project investments to us please contact info@topan.ch or use our online form and we will revert immediately.