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FIRE (Small Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy)

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Energy is everything. It powers human progress and is the great integrator cutting across all sectors and lying at the heart of every nation’s core interests.

Topan currently evaluates and engages in project investments in small hydropower, geothermal and solar energy.

In a world of changing challenges, many nations are now actively pursuing a paradigm shift towards renewable and clean energy sources and have recognized this as an immense opportunity for technological innovation. Investments in clean technology will help satisfy the growing global energy demand and accelerate a much needed energy transition.

Energy is central to sustainable development of all nations. For the emerging nations there is a shift in the energy landscape away from Western industrialized countries. As energy affects all aspects of development – social, economic, environmental – it can directly influence agricultural productivity, health, education and population levels. Governments are supportive to international initiatives that aim to invest in the development of their energy sector applying an integrated and context-specific approach.

In small hydro, the power of falling water is used to produce electricity on a small scale. Unlike megaprojects involving dams, it has a minimal effect on the environment if properly designed. It allows for decentralized provision of electricity, and is especially important in the world’s mountainous regions, or serving remote off-the grid communities. Modern smart-grids can manage input and output networks of small energy producers in a given region.

Geothermal energy is key for future energy security. Heat from the Earth’s core can be converted into electricity, heat and cooling on industrial or domestic scales. New investment strategies can remove the financial barriers that have hindered a more widespread use of this clean energy source.

A well-established industry has formed around solar power. The cost of technology has dropped, allowing for adoption in developing countries and elsewhere on smaller scales. Solar powering is often the foundation of sustainable industrial design, such as zero-emission greenhouses.

If you wish further information on this business sector focus of Topan or are looking for Energy linked investments or wish to introduce project investments to us please contact info@topan.ch or use our online form and we will revert immediately.