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    Developing Triple-E® values

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    Moving capital in the right direction

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    “One Garden” principle

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    Systemic architecture in transition

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Topan® is a Triple-E® business, finance and investment management consultancy.

Developing Triple-E® (Economic, Ecological and Ethical) values.

We are a global, holistic, performance driven consultancy for companies, asset owners and asset managers.


Steering capital in the right direction for positive global change.

Triple-E® Services

We are geographically agnostic, engage globally with companies, asset owners and asset managers in forestry, energy, food, ecosystem services, water, health, education and real estate sectors, and have a strong technology and innovation bias.

We have consistently achieved considerable success in growing businesses by applying our high performing Topan® toolbox.

Topan® toolbox consists of:

  • Truly diverse Topan® Team with an outstanding combination of talents, globally present and in constant interaction
  • Topan® Methodology, to successfully grow and scale up smart businesses that are to become the architects of the Triple-E® future
  • Topan® human centred co-stewardship consultancy style
  • TopanLAB®, enabling the transition into a new system architecture globally, dedicated to holistic and far beyond today thinking, where we seek to create new solutions, either financial product innovation concepts, innovative business model designs or any kind of business or investment structures – the so-called Topan® Triple-E® Products

Our culture of inclusivity, ambition and uncompromised standards have built bridges with the investment community and brought success through the disciplined application of creative solutions.

Triple-E® Services for Companies

We engage with micro, small and midcap companies as a long-term companion and help them fund and execute successful growth and scale-up scenarios whilst developing Triple-E® values.

Our services offering includes:

  • Investors introduction and selection as well as negotiating, structuring and closing financial transactions (incl. M&A deal sourcing, evaluation, execution, and integration, as well as IPO assistance)
  • Multisided development, growing and scaling of operations as well as identification of need and potential gaps in the business
  • Development and execution of expansion strategies with a focus on identifying, assessing and shortlisting strategic and financial partnership opportunities to grow and scale the commercial presence locally and globally
  • Conceptualization of legal frameworks for commercial or structural purposes
  • Further development of leadership skills and internal talent, and consulting on recruitment
  • Triple-E® performance measurement and reporting

We also engage with corporates on Triple-E® values transitioning.

Triple-E® Services for Asset Owners and Asset Managers

We engage with asset owners and asset managers as well as their trusted advisors as a long-term companion to support allocation of assets towards Triple-E® investments.

Our services offering includes consulting on:

  • Value discovery and investment guidelines
  • Triple-E® investment strategy
  • Single or portfolio Triple-E® investments into micro, small and midcap companies (early stage, venture, growth equity) to nurture, grow and scale-up
  • Third-party sourcing and selection of Triple-E® investments incl. public and private market ESG asset classes and investment vehicles
  • Triple-E® performance measurement and reporting


Topan® stands for success in Mapudungun (mapu ‘Earth’ and dungun ‘speak’), an ancient language spoken by the Mapuche (che ‘people’) of the Earth.

We cultivate a ”One Garden” principle – a world without borders – through our team and believe trust is a prerequisite for balanced, success-driven action.

Our philosophy is based on Wu Xing – also known as the five elements or five-movements. We understand the essential need for these five elements to be in balance.

The Tree grows symbolically as bridge from earth to sky and is instrumental in facilitating the flow of water and air to support and sustain us, our economy and the environment.
Fire resembles the pure energy emanating from the sun. Handled responsibly, the powerful source of heat facilitates prosperity and enables progress to people and economies.
Earth is the precious foundation of life and our material existence. Its soil is the seed of our wellbeing in a framework that nurtures, protects and powers us living beings.
Air infuses life with essential power and is one of mankind’s oldest sources of energy. Purified by the plant kingdom, humans are learning to cherish its power in innovative ways.
Water is a precious asset to humans and more so in the 21st century. Life on earth depends on it exceedingly for sustainable biodiversity, food, hygiene and energy.


We are invested in forestry (REDD+), fintech, healthtech, agritech and circular economy companies with demonstrable impact.

Since 2011, we have engaged with thirty-three initiatives globally across forestry, energy, food, ecosystem services, water as well as health, education and real-estate sectors.

We have delivered Triple-E® transition management consulting projects for corporates.

We have devised Triple-E® innovations on measurements, disruptive business models (award winning) and business surveillance tools.


Our team of twenty-three people, originating from nineteen countries and speaking thirteen languages, consists of experienced executives, as well as serial entrepreneurs and highly skilled individuals with in-depth Triple-E® business, finance and investment knowledge.

We operate in a decentralised manner and cultivate a human-centred, digital community driven co-stewardship consultancy style with team formations at flux.

Let’s work together

If you are a smart business wanting to grow and scale looking for mission-aligned capital, or an asset owner or an asset manager seeking co-stewardship expertise around Triple-E® investments and investment strategies, we would be happy to learn more about your objectives.