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TREE (Avoided Deforestation, Sustainable Forestry)

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We need wood, paper and biomass. The economy loves forests. They are not only beautiful but they make sure we do not miss essential items of our daily lives, such as chairs to sit on, newspapers or chopsticks. On top of that, forests act as a giant “eco-utility”: they provide vital services that underpin climate and water cycles. They contribute to our food and energy security and our supply of pharmaceutics. And a great proportion of the world’s population depends on them for daily livelihood. Our awareness of the inter-linkage of ecosystems makes us love forests.

Topan currently evaluates and engages in projects investments improving the business case for protecting high-value forests and applying best practice in sustainable forestry combining plantations with enrichment of poor forests.

Forest of all kinds cover over a third of the Earth’s surface. They mitigate our CO2 emissions, stabilize soils and contribute to water quality. Natural tropical forests contain over half of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Sustainably managed timber plantations help to reduce pressure on remaining natural high-value forests while meeting the demand for timber of a growing population. The integration of sustainable forest management techniques into plantation schemes, combined with an increased effort to protect the remaining high-value natural forests is a step into the right direction.

Certified products from sustainably managed forests (e.g. furniture, paper) tap a growing market of consumers willing to pay premium-prices for products originating from pro-poor, climate-smart and environment-friendly exploitations. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) states that at present, 168.364 million ha of timber production are certified under its standard.

Topan endorses the importance of high-value tropical forests for climate change mitigation and as the keeper of an immense wealth of plants, animals and cultures. We are engaged in project investments of avoided deforestation in the Amazon. Protecting forests under threat of deforestation means that they will continue to capture CO2 from the atmosphere in the future. This is an important ecosystem service for the mitigation of climate change, but also one that may be monetized in the voluntary carbon market.

We recognize the multi-faceted nature of forestry. Besides our current engagements in Latin America, we are permanently screening project investment opportunities that have a potential to integrate innovative solutions in managing forests according to our principle of developing economic, ecological and ethical values.

If you wish further information on this business sector focus of Topan or are looking for forestry linked investments or wish to introduce project investments to us please contact info@topan.ch or use our online form and we will revert immediately.